2010 wrap up

December 27, 2010

2010 is finally coming to a close.  I’ll probably play 2 more sessions for the year.  I pretty much thought I ran horrible for a good part of the year but looking back on everything, I really have nothing to complain about.  I fell short of my profit goals by quite a bit.  I probably set them way too high in the first place.  November and December were both good months so it was nice to end on a positive note.


Playing MTT’s is unique because when you are running hot, you feel like you are the greatest player in the world but then when you hit a dry spell you feel like you’ve never played the game before.  Playing my best when I’m not running hot is something I need to improve on.  I do feel like I have improved a ton recently though.  I’ve been watching a ton of videos, working with a coach, and going over HH’s and I think it’s all finally adding up.  I won a 3600 runner $26 KO tourney on FTP 2 Sundays ago and then had a 2nd in the Stars nightly $55 a few days later.


I am not even going to make poker related goals for 2011.  Profit goals are retarded because of all the variance with poker.  I want to put in close to the same volume I did this year, maybe increasing my average buyin slightly so my expectation will be higher. I also plan on playing some live tourneys this year, hopefully starting with EPT Snowfest in Austria in March and continuing with the WSOP in the summer. As long as I keep improving 2011 should be >>>>> 2010


pretty much over FTOPS

August 11, 2010

Off to a sizzling 0-7 start to my FTOPS.  I don’t even think I have gotten decent stacks in any of them.   I tripled my starting stack in the 322 freezeout on Sunday before getting ninja’ed out 55 to 22 aipf a couple hundred from the $$$.  The rest of the FTOPS I’m playing are the 216 Cashout tomorrow afternoon and then the 240 6 max KO and 640 Main Event on Sunday.  Saved all my RGJ for these tourneys (or the Sunday Million).

I’m not even sure when I updated this thing last and I don’t feel like looking.  My July was a good one, the biggest month of the year so far.  I feel like I’ve still ran way below expectation this year.  I have had good results in the smaller midstakes tourneys with 200-500 entrants but the bigger buyin huge field Sunday majors and FTOPS have been killing my ROI this year.  Last year I had 5 scores bigger than my biggest one this year.  Time to run hot!!!!!!!


June 29, 2010

I have been in Vegas for over a month now. The house we rented out is nice and it’s only about 10 minutes away from the strip so that’s been convenient.  Poker was going really well a couple weeks ago, but since then I have been running horrible.  I am only updating this now because a new blog always equals running hot on the virtual felt.  We have about another week in Vegas before heading back to good ol’ central Illinois.  It has def gone by pretty quick.  I think I am gonna be ready to head home though, it is really easy to get Vegas’d out.  I will write a longer update another time since this has basically said nothing…..

New post for some more RGJ

May 10, 2010

Haven’t been playin a whole lot of poker lately.  I think I only played Sunday and Tuesday last week.  Most of the time I wasn’t in the mood to play so I ended up just doin other stuff instead.  I played a short(ish) session yesterday on Sunday after the morning Mother’s Day activities.  Made a pretty deep run in the 750k (68th) and got 3rd in a small $75 turbo on UB so I didnt lose any money on a Sunday for once.

I’m planning on playing quite a bit this week and probably next week too.  Between moving into a new house and leaving for Las Vegas, I’m not gonna have a whole lot of time to play after the 21st of May.  I also want to hit up another Cardinals game before I go to Vegas.  I think I’m only gonna take a couple days off between now and the 21st, so hopefully I’ll be updating this quite a bit with some good results to share.

Success so far

April 25, 2010

I thought that the new blog would start my heater and so far, it has.  I’ve played 2 sessions since my first post and both of them have been successful.  I ch0pped the 50 cubed Thursday night and got 3rd in it on Saturday night.  I also got 4th in the $75 20k and won a 2k prize package to use at the WSOP.  I’m still looking for some wins but they are def coming soon.

N0Ch0p is renting a house in Vegas starting May 27th.  This year our crib is way closer to the actual strip so no more 25 minute drives to get to the Rio/Bellagio/O’Shea’s.  I’m really looking forward to it. Springfield, IL isn’t the most exciting city on the planet.  Quite a few friends are planning trips out to stay with us this year so it should be a sick 41 days.

Shoutout to Gas0l on his two 5 figure cashes this month.  He had many close calls in the past and finally broke through with shippage in the turbo $216 on tilt for over 13k.  This is just the beginning for n0ch0p.

New blog = run good

April 22, 2010

Welcome back everyone, the blog of brin has returned.  My first blog ended in epic failure and this one will not suffer the same fate.  I’ve been in a poker rut for months now and I am convinced that my new blog will result in tremendous amounts of run good juice (RGJ).

I think I am going to have this blog mainly focused on poker and not really much to do with personal life, although that could change if it gets too boring. I will post crazy stories if they happen and anything else that I feel is blog-worthy.   I will also be blogging about Vegas when I go there in about a month.

I had big expectations coming into this year for poker.  2009 was a great year for me, far exceeding anything I had hoped for.  But looking back on it, I definitely ran above expectation and didn’t really put in that much volume.  This year I have ran so bad and put in much more volume.  I know things are gonna turn around soon, I just gotta keep improving and playing decent volume and the results HAVE to start coming in.  NEW BLOG = RGJ